SS 18 Collection - Nulla

Inspired by the Ballet school of Havana, the Spring Summer 2018 collection of Noblesse Oblige explores the desires of a young woman trapped in a changing world striving to be liberated and free.

Nulla, the young Latin ballerina struggles to keep her Latin spirit at bay with the regimented life of a ballerina. An injury and her recovery allow her to think and dream. She returns home to a free Havana, still longing for the past, but embracing the future. Vintage florals evoke the faded grandeur of Havana and an explosion of corals, oranges and yellows evoke the hot spirit of Cuba.

The sophisticated ballet pinks that represent the theatre are contrasted with pop seersucker stripes and whimsical nightwear prints. The collection takes you on a journey both through the use of fabric and texture, as well as print and colour.